3 Tips to Keep Your Granite Countertops Looking New

3 Tips to Keep Your Granite Countertops Looking New

Your granite countertop will become one of the best additions you’ve ever had included in your property. But it’s not enough to just wipe it down and clean it from time to time. There are certain precautionary measures you must take to ensure your granite countertop maintains its overall look. If you’re not sure, however, what measures you should be taking, then continue reading below. Marble & Granite Connection has provided a simple guideline that you can follow to make sure your countertop keeps its appeal for a long time.

3 Ways to Keep Your Countertops Appealing

Keep Heat Off

Granite is one of the most naturally strong and durable stones on the market, but it’s not indestructible. It’s also heat-resistant, but it’s not heatproof. This means that when you expose it to higher temperatures, like when you place a hot pan directly on it, it will get damaged.

When something like a hot pan is directly placed on a granite countertop it won’t leave an ugly burn mark, but it will cause scratching, eventually leading to a needed replacement.

In order to keep your countertop protected from heat, you just have to be mindful of what you place on it. If you need to place a hot pan or other objects on it, make sure you place a rag or something underneath the objects to ensure heat doesn’t transfer to the countertop.

Avoid Pressure (Sitting on a Countertop)

The edges of a granite countertop are prone to damage when you place too much weight on it. Because of this something such as, say, sitting on them is harmful as you can risk cracking the surface. With too much pressure, you’ll be left with an ugly piece that you’ll have to replace in order to restore the look of your countertops.

Other than sitting, try not to place too many objects on a single area of your countertop.

Use a Cutting Board

It seems like common sense but you’ll be surprised how often many individuals mistake their granite countertops as cutting boards.

Because granite countertops are tough, property owners often think their granite countertops are capable of taking some beating from a knife. While they can (for the most part) they’ll eventually get scratch marks. Also, using your countertop as a cutting board will allow bacteria to linger and can cause spores since granite is porous. Moreover, most foods contain acid which can etch or even forever stain countertops.

Want The Best Quality Granite Countertop? Call The Experts Over at Marble & Granite Connection

Taking care of a granite countertop is not as difficult as it sounds, making it an excellent asset to add to your property due to its high appeal and low maintenance needs. When you’re ready to have a granite countertop installed in your home, don’t hesitate at all in contacting Marble & Granite Connection for their quality work. We can promise that through their expertise and professionalism, you’ll absolute fall in love with your property’s newest addition.

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