Marble or Granite Countertop?

It’s time to remodel your kitchen and you want to furnish it with something that will be absolutely beautiful and durable. So now you’re left to wonder if you should get a marble or granite countertop installed. Both would make excellent additions to your property, but it’s difficult to choose the right one when they’re both amazing stone types. Which one do you choose?

If you’re uncertain of which of the two types of stone countertops you want to have installed, then continue reading below. Marble & Granite Connection of South Florida has compiled a small list of key differences amongst the two.

Marble or Granite Countertop?


Marble and granite are both natural, porous stone materials, and each of them is highly durable. However, if you’re looking to install the most durable of the two, you’ll find that granite is the stronger material.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that’s formed from recrystallized carbon and out of limestone that’s been subjected to intense pressure and heat from the earth. The reason why granite is stronger is that it’s an igneous rock that’s composed of multiple materials. Those multiple materials combined make granite an extremely dense stone.


Both stone materials are beautiful in appearance and your decision to install one over the other depends on your taste.

Granite shows the grains of the multiple materials that combine to compose it. They look like specks that vary in color which can appeal to the homeowner’s sense of appealing hues. Such hues include blue, green, orange, pink, red, etc. These colors can range in medium to dark shades.

Marble has a more “pattern” like appearance. The color in marble countertops consists of veins that run through it, which really concentrates on this stone’s hues. And they can also vary in colors such as darker blue, gray-pink, or even rose-red veins.

Required Maintenance

Out of the two, granite only requires a little less maintenance than with most marble countertops, likely due to the higher density this stone possesses. Marble often needs moderate to high maintenance. So if you get a marble countertop installed, ensure that it gets sealed properly in order to reduce damages caused by acidic materials. When you need professional sealing done, you can trust that Marble & Granite Connection will get the job done.

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