High-quality, luxury vinyl flooring is a cost-effective solution that achieves the same luxurious feel without having to cost an arm and a leg. Because of this, vinyl can be found in most homes today. Production of vinyl floors continues to improve with new technology resulting in better flooring solutions each year.

Our Coral Springs vinyl flooring company offers attractive, durable luxury vinyl flooring that not only makes your home look inviting and feel comfortable, but it is also waterproof as well, making maintenance a breeze.

The Best Vinyl Flooring For Your Coral Springs Home

There are almost endless options of vinyl floors, each one with a unique look and feel. It is constructed with man-made materials which resemble natural sources like stone and wood. Vinyl flooring is often compared to laminate flooring as both are composed of similar layers:

  • The backing layer of vinyl is usually made of cork or foam. This serves as an additional underlayment and provides softness and sound absorption.
  • The core layer is the most significant part of vinyl flooring. It is waterproof which prevents it from contracting or swelling when exposed to liquid.
  • The printed layer is made of imagery that mimics natural flooring materials. High-quality prints often look realistic.
  • The wear layer protects the rest of it from wear, scratches, dents, and other damages.

Some luxury waterproof vinyl flooring is made of more layers such as fiberglass, topcoat, and even additional cushion layer.

Knowing the right type of vinyl flooring ensures that you have the correct one for your home. Take into consideration your budget, timeline, and rooms where you want the floors installed. There is always a perfect vinyl flooring solution for your specific needs. The most common types of vinyl floors are:

  • Sheet vinyl flooring is the most common form which is typically constructed using flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), foam gel, and urethane.
  • Vinyl tiles are typically much harder. It often mimics natural stone flooring such as marble.
  • Vinyl planks, just like tile, are much stiffer. It resembles most solid hardwood flooring with luxury options featuring hand-scraped or wire-brushed textures.
  • Woven vinyl options are much more modern form which is typically made from strands of fiberglass encapsulated in vinyl. It lends a more natural texture to the floor.

Here at Marble & Granite Connection, our Coral Springs vinyl flooring experts take the necessary time to understand your specific needs to provide you with the perfect vinyl flooring. Our world-class carpet and flooring services will guide you through each process with ease.

Why Install Vinyl Flooring in Your Coral Springs House

Durability is the number one reason why vinyl flooring is popular among homeowners. The resilience of the layers ensures that your floor will bounce back into its original form even with heavy activity. It can last through dirt, high heel shoes, and spills.

Laying-Vinyl-Flooring Laying Vinyl Floroing

Just like laminate flooring, luxury vinyl floors are produced with imagery ranging from natural looks to modern designs. The low-maintenance solution can achieve luxury with high-quality prints. This makes vinyl floors perfect for any room. You can even make the floor the focal point of your home!

Vinyl floor solutions are quite easy to install. Being an affordable solution, you can update your floor after a few years. It can also be glued for a more permanent solution. Vinyl sheets, planks, and tiles can be installed on concrete and wood flooring which means you do not have to alter your home to have the best floor.

Not sure if vinyl flooring is right for you? The vinyl floor experts at Marble & Granite Connection have years of experience in evaluating homes to provide the perfect vinyl flooring for you. We provide you with the best vinyl flooring service in Coral Springs.

Where to Use Vinyl Flooring

Different rooms require various materials and designs. All of these are possible with a multitude of vinyl floor options. Being affordable means, you can have a right look in each room without breaking the bank.

Luxury waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are perfect for your kitchen. It can achieve the elegant look of stone or wood flooring. It is also durable to last a long time, but you can easily replace a plank or tile in case it gets damaged.

Your bathroom needs the waterproof qualities of vinyl. You can install affordable vinyl sheets or high-end vinyl tiles which can resemble porcelain. Vinyl solutions also cost 30 percent less than other materials usually used in bathrooms.

Vinyl planks are suitable for dining, bed, and living rooms. These areas in your home usually have the highest activities. Your floor should be tough enough against shoes, kid’s toys, furniture, and pet claws. Vinyl floors are low-maintenance which makes cleaning a breeze.

Marble & Granite Connection not only provides attractive flooring options for all rooms of your home or business, but we also provide professional Coral Springs vinyl flooring installation services!

Best Coral Springs Vinyl Flooring

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